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Viber is a calling and messaging app similar to WhatsApp. It seems to be an extremely popular app as the brand website notes that there are currently more than 1 billion users worldwide.

Apart from the secure end-to-end encryption, the app includes other features such as the ability to

  • Send and receive text messages including photos, videos, and files
  • Make and receive individual and voice or video calls
  • Start group chats 
  • Create and share stickers, emoticons, and gifs
  • Join like-minded communities
  • Edit and delete seen messages 
  • Set disappearing messages

Now that we have a useful understanding of what Viber is and where it fits into the social media platform ecosystem, let’s look at what the Viber online tracker app is. The final step is to consider the spy app’s uses, features, benefits, and pros and cons.

Why use a Viber online tracker app? 

Because Viber can be downloaded as a mobile and a desktop or laptop app, it would seem that hacking it is a simple matter. Therefore, it is good to use an online tracker or spy app to monitor and track all Viber call and text interactions, especially if you are the parents of minor children. 

The topic of monitoring your children’s social media interactions produces mixed reactions in parents. Some parents believe that installing a tracker app on children’s smartphones is a violation of their privacy. And in legal and theoretical terms, it is a violation of their privacy. However, in practical terms, the Internet is full of con artists and pedophiles; thus, your children could get themselves caught in a spiral of abuse without knowing how it happened and how to get out of it. 

The tracker app will alert parents to the child’s predicament and enable them to intervene before it is too late. 

Other parents believe that they children should not have access to these apps; therefore, there is no reason to install a tracker app. 

This argument is also valid; however, children, especially tweens and teens, are naturally curious. There is a good chance that they will go behind their parents’ backs and install the app anyway. It becomes a case of wanting to eat the forbidden fruit. Consequently, it is far better to allow your children supervised Viber access, where they use it to communicate with their friends. They are kept safe because you have online access to their communications through the tracker app.

Benefits of the Viber online tracker 

As described above, the Viber online spy app’s primary benefit is to monitor your children’s or family member’s Viber chats, calls, and other interactions to protect them from possible stalkers, hackers, and abusers. 

Another valuable feature that the spy app has is a geolocation tracking feature. In other words, the app tracks the phone’s geographical location. As a result, if your children disappear and you can’t find them, it is easy to sign into the online interface and track the phone’s geolocation. If your child has their phone on them, you will find them. If their phone has been stolen or taken by a third-party, this feature will help you track the phone down and retrieve it.

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