The Technology Behind online Gaming

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Have you ever wondered how online games can offer hundreds of slots, table games, and other features to a global audience?

It seems as though every year, the technology that powers our favourite sites develops further, making it possible to enjoy the best games experiences wherever we are, while game developers are pushing the boundaries of what is possible for an online game. So how do they do it, and what exactly is the technology that powers the modern gaming sector?

The random number generator

At the heart of the sophisticated technological platform that is the modern online game lies the random number generator (RNG). This piece of software is designed to produce a staggering amount of random numbers into the billions every second on a 24/7 basis.

When a player clicks spin on their favorite slot game, nothing is initiated, though the game provides visuals that give the impression of actions triggered by the player. The spin’s outcome is already predetermined based on the RNG’s output at the exact moment that the player pressed spin.

Technically, the RNG works by assigning a value in the form of a number to every symbol on the reel and then employs algorithms to produce an outcome for each spin. If the characters match, the software will generate the corresponding payout. The algorithms are complex enough that it is impossible to find any pattern in the outcome of a game, while they also ensure that in the long term, the game yields specific payout percentages and frequency of hits. Reputable online games will also ensure that their games are regularly audited to ensure that the RNGs are working correctly.


Online security is always essential, and given that online games handle millions of financial transactions, they have to take protection more seriously than most. The security of online games is protected in various ways, and reputable games should always publish details of their security measures.

Encryption software

Online games have to use some of the most sophisticated encryption technology available to protect their customers’ personal and financial details. End-to-end encryption ensures that data is scrambled into unbreakable codes and that this data can only be unscrambled by the recipient’s computer, in the same way, that encryption is used in messaging apps.

Online games also employ the widely employed TLS encryption protocol. This system is used by all central banks and financial institutions, offering a high level of reassurance to online games players.

Identity verification

With a modern online games, you are increasingly likely to go through an ID verification process when you register a new account. This will involve uploading copies of relevant ID documents, such as a drivers’ license or passport. By requiring this type of ID, the game is helping to safeguard your account and personal information and preventing abuse of the site.

You may also find that you can use two-step verification. This form of authentication requires you to enter a code sent to your mobile device before accessing the site and is a far more effective security safeguard than the standard password.


Chances are, if you play online games, you will do so using a mobile device. The beauty of using a smartphone to play at an online game is that you can play at your convenience, wherever you happen to be. This has been possible because game operators and developers have kept up to date with the latest mobile technology to provide mobile-compatible games.

In the early days of the smartphone, this usually meant offering a downloadable app to your phone. While some online games still offer this option, it is increasingly common for online game operators to produce mobile-friendly sites that work smoothly using a standard mobile browser. Thanks to HTML 5 technology, this is possible, which has enabled a host of mobile innovations.


The modern online gaming industry would not be able to provide the level of sophistication, account features, and security that it currently does without using a range of technology. This developing technology makes it possible for you to play immersive and engaging online games safely and securely, wherever you happen to be. The pace of change is likely to accelerate over the next few years, leading to a host of innovations that have only been dreamed about!

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