Sceptic About Bitcoins? See Why You Must Buy it here

A Complete Guide into Buying Bitcoins for Beginners

We still have to go a long way to accept crypto as a recognized currency globally. It’s one of the reasons for which people are a bit sceptical about crypto trading. Some have the problem to accept the fact that it’s equivalent to real currencies due to BTC market volatility. 

Whether you don’t believe in crypto trading because of its market volatility or due to a notion that cryptos are rather ‘fake’ even then buying bitcoins can strengthen your asset value for the next few years.

“You mean to say my asset value is concerned with buying and selling of cryptos?”

You heard that absolutely right. Before beginning a BTC trade in a bitcoin YuanPay Group you need trading assets to buy cryptos. Just like stock trading, in BTC trading you’re buying cryptos instead of traditional stocks. However, the market risk of buying cryptos can’t be avoided completely, as there might be fake trading. However, even if the price of the bitcoins drop as of now, later they will definitely increase. 

Bitcoin prices have been on rise from last few years 

Think about stock trading. What happens when the stock price drastically drops? Don’t you think like breaking the device or the laptop right in front of you? 

But you really don’t do that! You bite the bullet and accept the fact that after sometime the price will definitely rise again. 

Consider the same with Bitcoins too. Say for e.g. if the bitcoin price jumps from 145 US$ to 15,000 US$ over five and a half years that you’ve bought long back, that means you’re gaining cryptos in your BTC wallet. 

Surely the Bitcoin market is volatile, but it’s full of opportunities. So, if you know how to trade each bitcoin carefully, you can always make your fortune out of it.

Prices fluctuate but the pattern remains same

The bitcoin prices might fluctuate depending on the market volatility. Sometimes fake trading, manipulating the BTC prices can be a reason for the bitcoin market to crash, but the pattern of bitcoin trade never changes. 

Say for e.g. you have invested 200US$ for buying bitcoins. Once you buy it, the following scenarios are likely going to happen,

  • Either You can lose the entire investment if the bitcoin pattern dies 
  • Or, the pattern of bitcoin trade continues and after sometime you see that the value of those cryptos you bought rose up to 2000 percent and straight away you’re making 2000US$ just like that 

According to bitcoin trading experts, there’s a huge chance for the second option to outplay the previous one. Who knows it might be a golden opportunity for you to be a gold digger?    

Regarding stock price fluctuations, not even the 7% of the annual stock market price is not guaranteed, whereas the bitcoin patterns haven’t changed much through all these years. 

Even Wall Street is all set to enter the Crypto trade

Hypothetically speaking, With Wall Street entering in crypto trade, as a BTC trader you can take the chances to be the next wolf of Wall Street after Jordan Belfort!  

The Wall Street firms might buy the small crypto exchanges and custodial wallet providers. They’re planning to integrate all the BTC wallets into a whole new set of payment networks. If that happens, a lot of giant investors and traders are already looking ahead to take the risk of investing in bitcoins. Surely, they’re no fools to make one such a decision.

If everything seems good, probably it’s time to bid adieu to the custodial wallet provided for ever! That will definitely lure giant investors and alligators to hit the BTC market for buying and selling bitcoins.  So you better choose your own BTC trading software before the competition is high!

Even the US national banks are providing crypto custody services 

The OCC (Office of the Comptroller of the Currency of the United States) announced last year that they’re all set to provide fiduciary bank account and crypto service to the enterprises dealing with crypto. That means, as a trader you can use your crypto account on virtual vaults by using the Blockchain network easily. 

The ex-acting Comptroller of OCC, Mr. Brian Brooks believed that, be it about providing them safe deposit boxes to virtual vaults, it’s important for every national bank of the USA to meet the needs of the customers. That way, it’s much easier for you to have your crypto vault account in the national US banks. 

By now, you must have realised that bitcoin trading can secure your financial fortune in many ways. Whether you accept it or not, the fact remains the same.  Go for it without delay! 

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