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Some Cryptographic Curiosities

The blockchain industry involves hundreds of projects having different purposes and technologies. The most valuable crypto platforms bring benefits to the industry and connect blockchain with the real world. Ripple is the first platform to connect traditional currencies with blockchain.

The project was released even before the first crypto coin emerged in the market. Ripple initially positioned itself as a platform for cross-border payments and, over time, issued its own XRP token, which is a critical element in currency conversion and transfers.

Rivaling the famous but outdated SWIFT system, Ripple offers:

  • cross-border payments without intermediaries;
  • low fees;
  • speedy transactions;
  • blockchain for developers.

The company has partnered with over 100 financial enterprises. Using XRP, individuals conduct speedy and cheap payments to any point on the globe, avoiding lengthy and expensive bank services. Businesses use Ripple for reliable and quality money settlements.

The price of Ripple does not show significant growth. As of mid-December 2022, it fluctuates around $0,34. The Ripple rate does not drop much because many tokens are held by crypto whales who have plans for this asset.

The project will likely receive wide adoption, and its token rate will skyrocket. On the other hand, XRP does not grow, being one of the top-traded coins in the market. Why does it happen so? The reason is the lawsuit initiated by the SEC, asking Ripple to recognize the XRP token as a security asset.

The court case lasted for a couple of years and slowed down the company’s development. 

Ripple is traded on all crypto exchanges. Ripple USD conversion is possible on centralized platforms that allow to attachment of bank cards and conduct operations with fiat-crypto pairs. An example is WhiteBIT.

Ripple Crypto Price Prediction

Why is Ripple going up as soon as issues with the SEC are solved? Because it has a valuable technology that will turn the understanding of money transfers upside down, bringing an easy, cheap, and reliable way to send and convert currencies. Experts see a bright future for the Ripple project, predicting $1.16 in 2025.

Welcome to the WhiteBIT exchange to buy and trade XRP.

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