Great PC Games for Animal Lovers

pc games for animal lovers

Being a true animal lover is almost a full-time occupation. You’ll find yourself hopping over snails on the sidewalk, bringing the neighbourhood strays home, and feeding the pigeons at the park. If you’ve got a little time left in your day for yourself, then it might be nice to kick back and relax instead of pandering to your furred and feathered friends. Of course, you could also spend that time playing video games that have the best of the animal kingdom right at their center. These are some video games that you might not have heard of that we think any animal lover would enjoy.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley has a strong following who love the charming paired-back style of this game. You’ll begin your story when your father leaves you a slightly overgrown homestead. It’s up to you to nurse it back to life, clearing trees, weeds, and rocks to make space for your very own farm. You’ll till the soil, sow seeds and water them and before long, have built up a small reserve of money.

With this comes the exciting bit, farm animals. Chickens are the first order of the day; you’ll be able to buy white ones and brown ones that you can name and look after in exchange for eggs. After chickens, you can buy ducks, sheep, pigs, cows, and even bunny rabbits. Although the animals are just a small part of the game, they are adorable enough that animal lovers always rank this game highly. You’ll also be able to choose a pet to share your adventure with.

There are several breeds of dogs and cats that you can keep in your home with you. When you cuddle your pet, you’ll receive a heart emoji, which is adorable.

Big Bass Bonanza

pc games for animal lovers1

At the moment, Vegas Slots Online has prepared an exhaustive list of casinos offering free spins with no deposit offers, including Skol Casino. This casino provides Big Bass Bonanza, a hilarious slot game with a fishy theme. The slot is a 5×3 video slot with ten different pay lines.

It also has the cool feature of a Fisherman, who can collect extra fish symbols on the screen. This happens when you activate free spins or the dynamite feature is activated. During this time, random characters will transform into fish ones, adding not just to the fishy feel but also to the winning pot.

Cute cartoony graphics, a catchy theme tune, and an easy play style make this game super playable and perfect for anyone who’s fish crazy. Better still, if you choose to use the offer, you can try it out for free before depositing any of your own play money.

Planet Zoo

You would love this game if you grew up playing Zoo Tycoon. There’s a real trend in the gaming world at the moment for remaking the absolute classics. Some of them are hugely improved with modern technology, and some of them should frankly have been left alone. Thankfully, Planet Zoo is a welcome update on the Zoo Tycoon franchise, using enormous technological advances to help users create a more realistic zoo. 

There is a big focus on education and behaving more environmentally friendly in this game, which is a great chance to see. As the world changes, the climate rises, and animals are pushed to the brink of extinction in the real world, learning about it in an easy-to-digest format might help people to make helpful changes in their own lives.

It’s not all doom and gloom, though! Planet Zoo provides an incredible array of fascinating animals to include in your zoo, from the classics like lions, tigers, and elephants, to the more unusual but no less entertaining babirusas, tapirs, and pygmy hippos. Looking after these creatures is truly magical in this game, thanks to the incredible detail in the graphics.

You couldn’t get much closer to the real thing without bringing a load of wild animals into your living room. A whole load of additional packs provides you with new animals and building materials, but the base game alone could keep you busy for hours on end.

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