Mobile Accessories That Will Improve Your Gaming

Mobile Accessories That Will Improve Your Gaming

In the last couple of years, mobile devices have begun offering a more sophisticated platform for gaming and have become a legitimate alternative to consoles and PC. Many classic titles have made the successful migration to mobile, and there are countless mobile-specific games that have become classics in their own right. 

The online gaming market has soared, especially as the coronavirus pandemic has forced people to seek socially distanced forms of entertainment,  and is now a billion-dollar industry. And as more and more people play games online on their smartphones or tablets, it’s no surprise that many products have emerged to make the experience more convenient, enjoyable, or immersive. 

Let’s look at some innovative ways to enhance your mobile gaming experience. 


While touchscreen mobile devices may be great for puzzle games, console games like first-person shooters, sports games and driving games can be frustrating. Luckily there are ranges of controllers to suit gamers of all persuasions, replicating consoles such as PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and many more. 

Some require a mount to hold your mobile device, whereas others integrate more seamlessly. For example, the Razer Kishi plugs directly into your phone and therefore does not have potential latency issues that Bluetooth devices can experience. That said, there are many excellent Bluetooth controllers, and you can even use your Dualshock or Xbox One controller this way – perfect for integration with your console. 


We all know that video game graphics grow ever more advanced, but it’s important not to overlook the quality of sound design and music that games employ. 

No matter if you enjoy console games or online casino games like slots or table games, with high-end earphones such as Razer Hammerhead BT you can have a truly immersive experience. 

And games of chance especially have greatly improved their sonic capabilities in recent years to heighten the action at the card tables or on the slot machines and make them even more enjoyable than those at the land-based venues. The Razers will not only improve your gaming experience here, but they also offer a wireless connection, with a range of thirty feet and an extended 8-hour battery life. 


If you don’t like wearing in-earphones, there are plenty of traditional headphones available. The standard and affordability have gone up in the last few years, with models such as Audeze Mobius offering a sublime quality of sound, comfortable fit, and a non-gamer appearance – no red flashing lights – meaning you can happily wear them in the street. 

If you are gaming out and about the chances are you need some noise-canceling headphones. Sony WH-1000XM3 is just about the best option, beautiful looking and sounding. 

Finger sleeves

If you’re a budget-conscious gamer who doesn’t want to splash out on a controller, finger sleeves make for an excellent and affordable alternative. 

Newsego offers the best of the bunch, keeping your fingers dry during long gaming sessions. The non-slip, anti-oil design is better than cotton or polyester, and also helps prevent finger fatigue. You’ll be able to grip and control your device without making smudges on the screen, and as they are compatible with all smartphones and tablets, they are the obvious choice for mobile gamers. 

Gaming mobile

It’s not really that surprising that there are already dedicated gaming mobiles on the market. 

Red Magic Mobile comes replete with 8 GB of RAM and an Adreno 540 GPU, making gaming just as immersive and smooth as any console or computer. Powerful and surprisingly affordable, it comes with a beautiful hi-res touchscreen, 128 GB internal storage, and a 24-megapixel camera. 

On the other hand, the Asus ROG features eight Kryo CPU cores, making it an Android gaming beast. Stunning HDR graphics and a modular design make it one of the most desirable, though expensive, gaming phones on the market. 

Stay charged

It may seem obvious, but mobile gaming can really sap your battery, so it’s important to have the optimum charger and cables. 

A portable charger such as the RAVPower 20000 mAh keeps you topped up for gaming on the go. Many portable chargers have impressive battery life, and some only take three hours to fully recharge when you do get home. It’s a simple solution to one of the most common problems associated with mobile gaming. 

And now you have an excellent battery pack, choose the best cables you can to go with it. Anker Powerline III is a good option, with a sturdy build and in a variety of lengths. 

Virtual Reality headsets

It’s taken a long time for VR to come of age – when people first started talking about it back in the 1980s it sounded like the future. It’s taken almost four decades for the technology to get good – and cheap – enough to make a wide-scale impact. But now you can get headsets that integrate with mobile devices to give you a fully immersive experience, with products such as MagiMask also supporting Augmented Reality.

Mobile gaming is here to stay. If you’re a fan, investing in some accessories can take your gaming experience to the next level. 

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