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Updated List of Best Kodi Builds for FireStick & Android in 2020

List of 20 Best Kodi Builds for August 2018

Kodi is an exciting platform that is available free and open source. It has revolutionized the online entertainment with its easy installation and configuration into a device of your choice. The ease of watching online entertainment content live on a TV device is simply magic and more than comfort.

The ease of Kodi gives the users freedom to stream online videos live into their smart TVs or any other device. There is no need to turn on a laptop or desktop computer, find entertainment content, and wait for the buffering to watch it. Kodi is brought the entire user interface to your remote control. Sit, relax, and watch online content from the comfort of your bed or couch.

You can achieve it all with an easy configuration of Kodi builds and instant installation of relevant add-ons. Following is an extensive list of the best Kodi builds for 2020 that can help you access a great variety of media and entertainment content online that includes but not limited to movies, sports, news, comedy, kids, TV shows, music, and a lot.  

Best Kodi Builds for 2020 [Updated List of Working Builds]

Below is the list of best Kodi builds, please check it out and choose the one you like the most.

Durex Build

Durex is high acclaimed for providing free and unlimited streaming to users for their favorite movies and a whole lot of entertainment content. It is one of the useful builds that can instantly replace Kodi add-ons that are not operational.
How to Install Durex Build on Kodi

Schism TV Build

Schism Build is among the latest tools but has soon acquired a place in the top list because of the seven captivating skins it offers.  If the users get bored of the control panel appearance, he or she can replace it with another interface and enjoy the change. This build connects you to unlimited free entertainment content online.

Spark Build

Spark opens the door to a massive amount of entertainment that ranges from movies, sports, TV shows, etc. Being a new contender, it has soon acquired a significant position among the best Kodi builds for 2020 because of providing a mega source of entertainment.  

Jazz Build Kodi

Jazz Build Kodi has got the distinction of being a very lightweight tool despite covering most of the media category content. With just a 100MB install, you get access to all the live sports, kids’ channels, TV shows, and movies without any pause.

Light and Tight Build

The name of this build represents its feature and benefit. It acquires only 128MBs of your Kodi device and delivers an appealing interface in return. With the help of an appealing background and wallpaper, it creates an awe-inspiring user interface to easily browse all the Kodi add-ons right from the main menu.

Simply Slim

Simply Slim also provides an enticing opportunity to the entertainment hub and browse a great variety of movies, live shows and events, kids content, sports, music, and a lot of other stuff. It is a very light application that only grabs 138MBs in installation.

Xon Build Kodi

Xon Build is a dedicated platform that accumulates the previous as well as the latest add-ons for kid’s entertainment, sports, movies, TV shows, and news channels. The availability of such a great number of add-ons gives you the freedom to select the media category on your own. Select the category and continue watching live content non-stop.


CellarDoorTV is well known for its beautiful interface. It has reached this list of 20 best Kodi builds for 2020 because of its magnanimous graphics and animations. Though it was created just by the way by coders, it became a mainstream build soon.

How to Install CellarDoorTV on Kodi

The Dominus Build

Dominus brings another bunch of useful add-ons for your Kodi device to get you to watch free Live TV, shows, sports, news, movies, etc. This build comes in combination with the CellarDoor TV that is discussed above in this list. Some of the worth mentioning add-ons it comes up with include Bob Unleashed, Poseidon, Nemesis, Covenant.

Blackout Kodi Build

Blackout can be categorized into a full-fledged build for bringing the complete list of Kodi add-ons for streaming media and entertainment online. Despite a hefty size of 450 MB, it processes the user requires quickly with reliable results. This build runs on a variety of devices along with access to new add-ons for Kodi.

Dragon Fire Build

Dragon Fire is a fresh entry to the collection of Kodi builds in 2020. With a 270MB of space acquisition, it proves to be an exciting deal for the users of Kodi. Being in the beta phase, this build is only available to the latest version of the version known as Kodi Leia 18.

Kodi Collusion

Kodi Collusion is an amazing alternative for Kodi users who are fed from installing the additional widgets and plug-ins for accessing their favorite content. This build is specifically developed to provide a refreshing and soothing experience to the end-user. All the Kodi add-ons for compatible with this build.

FuryX Build Kodi

FuryX Build is powered by Indominus Wizard that makes accessing various add-ons and entertainment content a hassle-free experience. It is lightweight with 178MB size along with Xconfluence skin that is duly embedded in the build. Interestingly, the presence of a lot of Kodi add-ons variety, you will never fall short of watching your favorite videos or any other stuff.


Leviathan is developed by Comic Saints along with the accumulation of all the latest and commonly used Kodi Add-ons. The addition of fresh media plug-ins will excite you to watching your desirable content online in HD quality. Watching Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Dark, and all the recently released shows and movies is made easier with this build.

  1. JayHawk Media Wizard

JayHawk has got a mention in our list of 20 best Kodi Builds for 2020 because of the up to date collection of add-ons it provides. With the help of its exclusive and comprehensive media library, users can easily find a specific genre or type of content to watch with friends and family. The build offers extensive customization settings.

Equinox Kodi Build

Equinox is on the top when it comes to discussing the best Kodi builds this year. It is available in the Genie TV Wizard. The reason it is regarded top of the line is the massive variety of sections it offers to the users. It makes accessible a variety of movies, TV shows, kid’s content, and live TV. Additionally, this build specifically focuses on sports events around the globe for sports lovers.  

DJ Jubee Kodi Build

DJ Jubee is a recently introduced Kodi build with an embedded build named Aeon Nox for bringing extended functionality to the Kodi users. This build is not limited to firestick so you can have it on Windows as well as Android devices. It has a huge list of entertainment that includes music, family shows, sports, movies, etc.

How to Install DJ Jubee on Kodi


Khaos is a worthy recommendation for the Kodi users to watch a whole lot of content right on their smart TVs. Just like another build, it gives you easy access to the entire free content let it be movies, comedy, kids, news, sports, and TV shows. But, in addition, it comes with Eternal TV part that allows you to watch premium entertainment content after paying for the subscription. So you can access free and premium content from a single box.  

Nymeria Build

Nymeria is focused to deliver an eye-appealing user experience with its beautiful interface. It is regarded because of its simple and user-friendly interface, and non-presence of useless widgets. With a giant variety of media section, you can instantly find the kind of content you need and watch it in high quality.

Maze Build

Maze is yet another lightweight build that fascinates Kodi users with its exceptional user interface and functionality. It works perfectly well for firestick and other devices regardless of installing compatibility applications. With Aeon Nox Skin and a variety of entertainment section, it works like a charm.

Conclusion – Best Kodi Builds in 2020

Kodi application is getting popular because the users can easily find a massive variety of builds, tools, and add-ons to access media content online. With the help of the list we provided in this post, you can easily select a build that best suffices your needs to watch videos live from the internet without a single pause.

How to Install Entertain Me Addon on Kodi

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