LG WebOS for Automotive will be Added to Hyundai Genesis Luxury Cars

LG WebOS for Automotive will be Added to Hyundai Genesis Luxury Cars

LG and Hyundai Motors are in partnership to provide the all-new entertainment system to the new luxury automobile lineup, Genesis.

The LG’s automotive entertainment system, WebOS, will now appear on Genesis in front and rear seats. The new entertainment system is also compatible with YouTube.

You will get content from the World Wide Web using Google’s video-sharing platform on your Hyundai car touchscreen.

This is the first time the LG’s WebOS will be available on any vehicle entertainment system. This will also make Hyundai the standout vehicle in terms of entertainment.

There are also expectations that customers of the Hyundai Genesis car will be able to find more apps other than YouTube.

The news of this development between LG and Hyundai is significant for all who are customers of Hyundai cars and want to get the best video content in their vehicles.

According to Kwon Hae-young, Hyundai’s vice president of the Infotainment Development Center, Hyundai will work with global content-sharing companies to provide the best entertainment experience to the customers.

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