Intel announces i9-13900KS with 6GHz Turbo Clock

intel i9 13900ks turbo clock
intel i9 13900ks turbo clock

The concept for Intel’s KS SKUs is very simple: take the current flagship, slightly increase the power, and add a bit of more frequency…
That raises its boost clock to 6GHz, and Intel briefly demonstrated the CPU reaching that speed on two cores in a sneak-peek video that went public yesterday.

Of course, the 6GHz’max turbo speed’ only pertains to one core, but happily, Hardware boxed has previously examined this CPU.
According to HWInfo, they saw an all-core frequency of just under 5.5GHz with the 13900KS running Cinebench R23, with power averaging 280W package.

In comparison, the 13900K produced an all-core speed of slightly more over 5.3GHz, but with comparable power, which Hardware Unboxed claims saw the 13900KS come in 3% quicker.

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