Instagram’s latest feature helps hacked users regain account access

Instagram hacked account recovery tool
Instagram hacked account recovery tool
Blue approved badges will appear in other areas of the app as well.
These include a central location where customers may report and resolve account access difficulties.
Instagram will inquire as to whether the problem is related to a hacked account, a forgotten password, impersonation, the loss of a two-factor authentication mechanism, or a disabled account.
Once you’ve chosen the problem, you may proceed through a series of procedures to regain access to your account.
Asking people to validate your identity is one way to ensure that an account is truly yours.
If your account is locked, you can obtain two Instagram pals to verify your identity.
Meanwhile, Instagram claims it is taking further precautions to avoid account hijacking in the first place.
In addition, the blue badge for verified accounts will appear in more locations.
Instagram claims that this will assist users determine whether an account with whom they are interacting is legitimate.
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