How to Print & Email Invoices in Seconds

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Generating an invoice sounds like a lot of work to someone who rarely uses the invoice. However, you do not need to worry about spending hours or even minutes to generate an invoice of any type. There are different methods to print and email invoices without having to create the complete layout.

Today, we will share a solution that lets you generate invoices with customizable templates. All you need to do is enter the details and download your invoice within a few seconds. Sounds interesting?

You can say goodbye to all the worries of generating an invoice. Here is the solution that will help you out.


How to Print & Email Invoices in Seconds

WeInvoice is a solution that lets you generate an invoice with its pre-formatted invoice templates. You can log in to your account and choose a template to send an invoice to someone’s email address. The platform is much easier to use as you can find all the tools on its homepage.

WeInvoice is popular for its invoice automation solution that lets you send invoices without creating them manually. With this platform, you can generate an invoice even if you do not have any editing skills.

The best part is that you can choose to create an invoice from the scratch or use a template to avoid all the editing work.

We will share the easiest method to generate invoices for your work with this solution. Therefore, you can check out its website to learn more about it.

The Most Reliable Way To Generate an Invoice

Let’s discuss the easiest way to create an invoice with this solution. All you need to do is follow these steps and create as many invoices as you want. 

Part1- Registration Process

You can visit the WeInvoice’s website and create an account to access its services. The part is optional. However, you can get a lot of features by creating an account. 

You can choose to sign up by entering your full name and email address. Or you can simply log in through your Gmail account to avoid the complete logging in process. 

Part2- Select the Invoice Template

Click on Create an Invoice button and you will find hundreds of templates to generate an invoice. Choose any template based on your requirements and click on the Customize button. There is another option to create a new template using its advanced tools.

However, we recommend going for the customizable templates as they save you a lot of time and effort.

Part3- Generate Invoice

In this part, you can generate the invoice by entering all the information you want. First, you can mention your business name and a logo to make it look professional. Then, use the date and customer’s information section to make it accessible to both parties.

In the main section, you can add the product, description, quantity, rate, charge, discount, and similar entries. Add multiple items and complete the invoice by adding the payment terms.

If you want to add some more information, you can extend the upper section or add a new one to your invoice.

Tip: If you need a lot of customization, we recommend creating a separate template that you can use for future invoicing as well.

Part4- Download, Print, or Email Your Invoice

Your invoice is ready to be shared with the other party. You can choose to download the invoice to your device or upload it to your online account to keep a record.

On the other hand, you can print the invoice and share the hard copy with your customers. You can also email the invoice directly to your customers by sending it to their email addresses. There is no need to use an email service as you can send it directly from your WeInvoice account online.

How to Automate Invoicing?

If you have some regular customers, you can save their business information and invoice items on your account. After that, you can schedule the invoices based on your sales in that period. It will send you a notification before forwarding the invoice to the other party.

This way, you get a chance to manage your invoices without putting in a lot of effort. For more exciting features, you can visit its official website.


Final Words

Online Invoice solutions provide a lot of features to generate invoices quickly. WeInvoice is an excellent tool to create an invoice using a customizable template. After creating an account, anyone can generate an invoice in a few seconds.

Therefore, we recommend WeInvoice as the most effective tool to print or email invoices conveniently.

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