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How to Fix Blurry Videos | Two Proven Methods

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I believe no one likes to watch the blurry video, because it spoils the fun, and also you can miss out on some essential details. Typically, the video can get blur in several possible ways.

At present, it is quite complex to prevent this from happening, but you can consider some precautionary measurements to stop it from happening. However, it fully depends on how you are communicating with the multimedia.

Normally, the blue issue is linked with the outcome of something working, while you are in a process of making a video. Moreover, it may be recognized as something not perfect with your installed hardware.

Before you become much familiar with some repair ways, it is important to understand and why some videos become a blur and how to fix a blurry video simply. This will assist you to prevent getting into such issues in the future.

Two Ways to Fix a Blurry Video

If you are attempting to watch videos on your PC, but the entire videos are blurry, there are some possible ways to fix a blurry video that includes:

Using Video Enhancing Software (Topaz Video Enhance Al)

The Topaz Video Enhance AI always utilizes the new deep learning techniques to improve the quality of video naturally and also in detail by utilizing sequential information. You just provide it an attempt to view the jaw-dropping enhancements in video restoration, upscaling, deinterlacing, and denoising.

This video enhancing software is a foremost application for fixing video blurring. Actually, the Topaz labs developed software majorly AI-powered for quiet images. This software provides the viewers with UHD resolution that gives a rich viewing experience.

It also guarantees world-class video quality improvement on your PC. In order to fix a blurry video quickly and free, you can simply attempt this AI-based video enhancer software, which is affordable for the entire user.

While not many software is able to use AI technology to enhance the video quality, this Topaz software is definitely worth taking a look at if you want to fix the blurry videos.

Using Video Editing Software (Wondershare Filmora X)

In some cases, the video seems to be blurry, encrusted and it is quite tough to differentiate the details after shooting the quick-moving objects. However, you can simply solve this issue by applying this video editing software.

Actually, the Wondershare Filmora X is easy and simple to use video editing software that greatly supports you deliver the best quality videos within a few hours. This is a most powerful video editing tool that has been packed with multiple carefully developed advanced options to assist you to bring out the professional video image, quality, and sound effects.

Definitely, the Wondershare Filmora X is one of the great video editors on the market and is also recognized as number one on the list. This software is available on both Mac and Windows. Apart from that, the exported videos on windows can be also used on Mac.

In this video editor, you will explore some professional tools that assist you to enhance the quality of the video as well as more than 300 creative effects and filters available to make your video with a new look to enhance the video quality without even more effort.

Besides its features, you can alter the presentation of your video very easily. That is why; this is one of the most trustworthy tools available on the marketplace.

Therefore, capturing the videos with your smartphones can be very fun; because it allows the users to record the stunning moments that you shared with the people. But due to some minor mistakes like hold your phone vertically, the recording can collapse the perfect moment of your video. This is because the video will be vertically focused on and it will also have black bars on both sides.


To fix a blurry video issue, now both Mac and Windows users can enjoy and utilize these two programs includes Filmora and Topaz Video Enhance AI. This video enhancing software does not even need you to be a professional video editing expert; rather yet to offers efficient video editing tools to make excellent videos, which will definitely appeal to your followers on social media.

With this software, the users can also cut or trim their videos effortlessly, but this software offers a lot. Since its advanced features and a vast library of visual effects allow even inexperienced video editors to make any style of video content that you want.

If you want to check out some other video editing or video enhancement software, you can check out for more genuine reviews on different multimedia software.

Ehtehsam is a software engineer by profession and a blog writer by choice. opportunity. He mostly writes on finance and business related topics at BestKodiTips.

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