The Ultimate Guide to Creating Facebook Videos Ads Campaign


Facebook receives plenty of user data (information like location, age, gender, and interests). You will know what users want, too. Facebook can efficiently serve advertisements tailored to individuals and show them items they are likely to buy or websites.

Wondering how to promote your company with Facebook Ads? This post has built a step-by-step guide that teaches you all about Facebook ads in 2021. 

What Are Facebook Video Ads?

As you probably thought, Facebook video ads are Facebook video ads. Instead of writing a bubble of text and uploading an image, you can either make a video in the home or work with a video company like Spiel Productions to create it or use an already existing video to upload to the native video player of Facebook. You can customize the video description, thumbnail, budget, and audience from there to which the ad is intended.

Why Should You Run Video Ads On Facebook?

Video advertisements on Facebook are the perfect way for people to remember your brand and return to your website. Video does not support the only trend on Facebook. It works to connect and convert website users, drive down the funnel in e-mail promotions and boost commitment through social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Periscope.

Tips for Creating Facebook Videos Ads Campaign

Set Some Objectives for Your Facebook Ads

It is essential to think first of all about why you advertise and what you are trying to achieve before you jump in and produce some video ads. You will have something to assess your performance by giving yourself a few targets in advance of advertising.

For instance, you can set a target of 100 downloads in the first month if you want to increase downloads of your mobile app through Facebook Ads. This will also allow you to choose the perfect goal for your Facebook ad campaign. Another example may be:

  • Increase Facebook traffic from a website
  • Increase participation
  • Generate new leads
  • Increase the scope of our Facebook material
  • Enhance our Facebook page engagement

Choose Your Objectives

After you’ve set your objectives, it’s time to pick your goals. You can find a comprehensive list of campaign goals to choose from in your Ad Manager. This list contains brand recognition, traffic, scope, interaction, leads generation, local awareness, transformations, and more.

Your goal determines the ad format, self-optimization, and bid options of the Facebook or Instagram campaign. It is strongly advised to choose the target that represents your final aim.

Often conversions are necessary, or your ultimate objective may be to raise awareness of your brand. You should therefore pick ‘Brand Awareness’ as your goal.

You can choose from:

  • Brand awareness: present the brand to a new audience.
  • Reach: Be sure to expose your video ads to as many people as possible in your target audience.
  • Traffic: ensure that you drive traffic to a particular web page or application
  • Engagement: Reach a large audience to raise postal commitments and page likes.
  • Installs the application: Get more people to install your software.
  • Video views: Get more folks to view your images.
  • Lead Generation: Offer your sales funnel new prospects.
  • Messages: Encourage people to contact your company via the Messenger Facebook feature.
  • Conversions: Get people to your website to take a particular action.
  • Sales catalogue: Link your Facebook ads to your product catalogue to display ads to people for those items they are most likely to purchase.
  • Store traffic: Locate more shops by driving nearby customers.

Choose The Kind of Your Ad.

Your selected ad form is among the top elements that determine whether your ad campaign is successful or not. Therefore, you can choose a suitable ad form. That doesn’t mean the first time; you have to get it right. It is recommended to try any form. Don’t assume what’s going to and won’t work beforehand. You can be surprised by the outcome. Depending on your goal, you can choose from the different ad types available.

Build Custom Audiences.

This is a must if you don’t want to shoot in the dark and waste your cash. A personalized audience is a group of people who know your business from different sources already. Targeting your Facebook video advertising for particular audiences will increase your ad efficiency and ROI significantly. Targeting is the art of showcasing the advertising to the right people who drive conversions.

You can group users who have shown interest in your content and create a customized audience list after you have produced at least one video ad. You can replace a particular group of users by starting the next video ad campaign. Retargeting is an excellent way to raise awareness of brands and attract commitments.

Optimize Your Definition and Title

Curiosity is the mother of discovery. Choose a headline preview the audience cannot miss. More often than not, an intriguing title makes a video ad hit home.

No, we don’t promote click-bait. Your title and description must be appropriate – otherwise, you will win the first fight but lose the all-important one – to make the viewers go through the whole of your video ad. Take time for your title to be imaginative.

Don’t forget to include in your title and appropriate description keywords to receive an SEO benefit. Split-checking many headlines may be a brilliant idea for your target audience to feel the pulse.

Select The Right Picture

We have three important things to say for this step:

  • Concentrate on your products – do not be afraid to take eye-catching photographs to concentrate on your products or services.
  • Make text to a minimum – social media are all about visuals so that you prepare your ad and try to think of fresh and innovative ways of telling the tale of your brand without using words.
  • Use high-resolution photos – if you plan to use an image for your ad instead of a video, choose a nice one. A superb image can capture the attention of your audience when scrolling through their Facebook feeds.

Choose Your Placement On Facebook Ad.

You can choose where your ads appear on Facebook in the Placements section. Ads are intended to be published in various locations, such as the Facebook newsfeed, the right-hand column of Facebook, the mobile audience network, Instagram feeds or stories, and on-stream videos.

You can choose automatic placement. Alternatively, you can tailor your publicity strategy so that advertisements only appear in selected locations inside the advertisement network of Facebook. If you are a beginner, it is recommended to choose Automatic Placements, ideally. Facebook recommends various ad placements for the multiple purposes of the campaign.

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