Google’s putting its Lens image search right on its home page

google lens image
Google Lens is now built into its search bar.

Right from the search box, you may utilize its excellent picture recognition and searching technology.

Google’s Lens image recognition technology has been integrated into a number of its products, including Google Photos and Chrome. It remained quiet for a while, but it is suddenly taking center stage. Google has introduced a Lens button to its iconic search bar on its main page.

According to Rajan Patel, Google’s vice president of engineering in charge of Search and Lens, this is noteworthy since, as he mentioned on Tuesday, the Google homepage does not change regularly.

When you click the Lens button, you’re asked to either upload a picture or input a URL to one. You’ll be led to a screen that looks quite familiar if you’ve ever used the Lens app or any of its other integrations.

Google Photographs has long enabled users to search for images that seem similar, but Lens image goes far further. It also makes an attempt to offer information about what is in the image. When you scan a product image, you’ll see shopping results. And if you upload a photo of a plant or animal, Google will try to identify it using a database of photos.

There are also various additional built-in features. If you scan an image including text, you will be able to copy and even translate it. Scanning a QR code will provide you with information about it. Google also includes a link to run a reverse image search to find out where it came from.

Again, none of these capabilities will come as a surprise to anyone who has used Lens on Android or iOS. Some are even incorporated into desktop operating systems, like MacOS. An easy-to-access version of Lens, on the other hand, may become a highly valuable picture multi-tool for individuals who utilize computers without such functions.

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