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How to Fix No Internet Secured on Windows 10 Wifi Connectivity Issue

How to Fix No Internet Secured on Windows 10 Wifi Connectivity Issue

This guide allows you to fix one of the most common issues of Windows Wifi “no internet secured”. It is an issue that occurs at the time of wifi connectivity to your system. It means when you want to connect to wifi; the computer says no internet secured. This guide is all about this topic. Keep reading to fix the issue.

As a regular Windows user, I never face this issue, but one of my friends noticed the no internet secured on Windows 10 and Windows 7 three years back. Looking at the nature of this issue, I decided to write a detailed guide based on my knowledge on how to fix the no internet secured wifi connectivity issue.

This error occurs due to certain reasons and is seen on almost all Windows devices. Also, if sometimes you make some changes in the configuration, then this issue may arise. Whatever the reason, this guide will help you to solve the issue on any version of Microsoft Windows.

How to Fixed No Internet Secured Windows 10

There are certain issues by which this error occurs; here, I have prepared detailed solutions for each of the possible causes of the no internet secured Windows 10 issue.

Network Configuration and IPV6 is One of the Causes for No Internet Secured Issue

Sometimes on Windows 10, your wireless connection conflicts with the IPv6. It is not the only issue, but definitely, it is one of the causes for the no internet secured wifi issue. Let’s have a look at how can we fix this.

Right, click on the Wifi icon (network icon) from the bottom right corner and select “open network and sharing center”.

no internet secured 1

Now click on “change adapter settings.”

no internet secured 2

Right, click on the connected network and select “properties”. For reference, see the below figure.

no internet secured 3

Look for IPv6 and uncheck it. When you uncheck, Windows will ask for confirmation; just click on okay. Restart the computer and start enjoying an error-free network.

no internet secured 4

Check TCP/IPv4 Properties

Another possible reason for this error is the automatic selection of IP on the TCP/IPv4 end. For this purpose, It means that for a successful connection, you have to make sure that the DNS server and IP Address of TCP/IPv4 is set to “Obtain automatically”. To check, double click on the TCP/IPV4.

no internet secured 5

On the next screen, make sure you have checked the radio buttons highlighted in the image below. If not, make changes according to the figure shown below and apply changes by clicking on the OK button.

no internet secured 6

Set a Fixed DNS Server to Fix No Internet Secured on Windows 10

DNS server may cause the issue of wifi no internet secured. To check the possibility of no internet secured error due to the DNS server, make the following changes on the TCP/IPv4.

Double click on TCP/IPv4 to open it. Select “use the following DNS server addresses” or follow the figure shown below. Enter the Preferred DNS server as and Alternate DNS server as and click OK.

no internet secured 7

Disable Wi-Fi Sharing on Your Windows 10 Computer

If you have enabled personal hotspot or wifi sharing on your computer, it can cause this issue. If this is the case, make sure you are using updated software, or in severe cases, it is recommended to remove such applications from the system.

Disable Non-Microsoft Items from Network adapter

To fix the issue with the help of removing the non-Microsoft items from the network adapter, follow the steps given below.

  • Press Windows + X
  • Open Network connections and click on “Change adapter options.”
  • Click on connected network and go to properties
  • Now look for “non-Microsoft itemas” and disable all of these.

Final words

Most of the time, no internet secured issues on Windows 10 occurs due to the above-discussed issues. In 99.99% of cases, your issue will get resolved by following any of the above guides.

If you have applied all the above solutions and are still facing the issue, you can share the details in the form of screenshots of the error messages. We will look at the issue and propose a solution accordingly. Or you can install Windows 10 for fixing the no internet secured problem completely.

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