Kayn vs Altruis Differences, Choose Kayn or Altruis?

Kayn vs Altruis Differences

Massively multiplayer online role-playing game or MMORPG gives you the ability to play role-based multiplayer video games. In this type of game, the player gets a character’s role and starts behaving like that by duplicating the same actions.

The character selection in any MMORPG means that you have to follow the storyline accordingly. As warcraft is also an MMORPG, so same is the case with the world of warcraft. You can choose your second in command in the world of warcraft that will change your storyline.

Here we have made a detailed comparison between the Kayn Sunfury and Altruis the Sufferer. After reading the differences between these two (Kayn or Altruis), you can choose from the Kayn Sunfury or Altruis the Sufferer as your second in command.

As a World of Warcraft player, you must be aware that both the Kayn and Altruis have different thoughts while being in your second in command. These characters will affect the fate of Illidari.

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Difference Between Kayn vs. Altruis WoW

The points below will help you differentiate between these two characters (Altruis or Kayn) that can be used as your second in command. There are also various misunderstandings and confusions in players about choosing Kayn vs. Altruis as their second in command. The below-given points will clear all your doubts about Kayn and Altruis.

Before digging deeper into the comparison of Kan and Altruis WoW, keep in mind that either of these characters will change your personality’s abilities; however, it will change the storyline.

Kayn Sunfury

  • Loved by most of the players and comes with an excellent design
  • Overall, Kayn is not a mature character
  • Kayn is focused on results only, and he has no other concerns
  • He is not good at making decisions
  • Character design is appealing
  • It is always focused on the end goals, and for that, he is using all the possible ways.
  • He is fearless by keeping the result in mind and is not worried about the enemies in the process.
  • The player aspect is divided as you have to kill Akama and get his soul. They think that Akama was a handy character.
  • There are mixed emotions from the gaming community on the killing of Akama by Kayn.
  • Kayn is not friendly towards Akama and kills him
  • There are mixed emotions on the killing of Akama by Kayn.
  • Kayn is loyal, which is the best thing about him

Altruis the Sufferer

  • He is liked by most of the players due to his design and decision-making ability
  • Altruis, the Sufferer, is considered wiser and mature as compared to Kayn
  • This character is concerned about the fate of Illidari
  • He is misunderstood in many decisions
  • Character design is appealing just like Kayn
  • Unlikely Kayn, Altruis think about the complete process and not only the results. He cares about the things he achieves as well as the enemies in the process.
  • Unlikely Kayn, Altruis not only thinking about the results. Instead, he has a complete plan, including the results and the process in between.
  • Players appreciate Altruis for not killing Akama but using him for the plans as his second in command.
  • If you look at the story, in choosing Altruis, you have to play alongside Akama rather than killing him. Unlikely Kayn, Altruis considers Akama a helpful resource that can be of good use in plans.
  • Altruis is friendly towards Akama and tries to use him in plans.
  • He thinks that Akama can be helpful, and that’s why players appreciate him for this wise decision.
  • Altruis cannot be trusted, and this is the mindset of most gamers.

Kayn vs Altruis- Choosing The Right Option!

The below-given table based comparison of WoW Kayn and Altruis will give further insights about the two before you go for any of them. Have a look.

Kayn Sunfury and Altruis comparsion

Final Words

The above comprehensive table of comparisons between Kayn and Altruis gives you an idea of whom you should go. It would help if you were careful about the character, as either Kayn or Altruis will be your second command. Another thing is that if you are worried about the DPS, be assured that neither of these characters will impact the overall character’s stats.

Choosing Kayn or Altruis will ultimately affect the whole storyline, which is the only main change they bring. Please choose any of these two for your second in command as both have their advantages and disadvantages.

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