What is the True Cost of Penetration Testing?

What is the True Cost of Penetration Testing

The cases of cyber attacks have increased during the pandemic. Thus, now more than ever, all business industries need to protect their information from being stolen.

There are numerous methods to secure the information. Similarly, there are various tests available to check the actual security of a system. A penetration test is one of them. 

What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing is also known as pen tests used to examine an organization’s security system and how much organizational information, infrastructure, and buildings are secure through gaining access to their security system. When the security weaknesses are uncovered in an organization, it gives a distant understanding of a higher, more robust, and improved understanding of your security issues and where advancements can and ought to be made. Within web application security, penetration testing is utilized to increase the WAF (Web Application Firewall). 

What is meant by the cost of penetration testing?

The cost of penetration testing includes all the costs for the analysis and researching of the vulnerabilities of any application or infrastructure. 

Why is penetration testing cost measured?

If you mismeasure the final cost in the penetration testing procedure, it can lead to huge losses. So, to estimate the correct price of testing the organization’s cybersecurity, you need to draw estimates from several factors.

There are different factors that a company should keep in mind while estimating the cost of penetration testing:

1. Type of Penetration Testing:

The cost of penetration testing depends upon the assistance given. 

The penetration testing can be done in these three techniques:

Black Box Testing

In this type of testing phase, the threats that come from outside the organization are used. Hence, it gives an organization deep knowledge of what an outsider would need to breach your organizational security system.

White Box Testing

This type of penetration testing technique allows the tester team to conduct internal testing and also referred to as clear-box testing. The tester would gain access to the source code and the architecture of software programs. It depicts an internal cyber-attack from personnel or a hacker that illegally gained access to the system of the organization.

Gray Box Testing

As the name depicts, it is the combination of both black box testing and white box testing. It tests the center point of any problematic area that creates problems for the cybersecurity of an organization. Also, it detects the hacker’s code immediately.

2. Scope

Comprehend the business necessities and what the scope is. Penetration costs range depending on the size and complexity of the application or the infrastructure being tried. The vital parts utilized to decide exertion distribution, the absolute number of IPs, the number of web applications that require testing, and the all-out number of jobs and pages per application. 

3. Methodology

The methodology to estimate penetration cost is crucial to analyze the actual cost. The organization makes sure that the penetration testing process is completed by utilizing internationally accepted industry standard procedures. The methodology should be derived from the best 10 OWASP and developed by keeping in mind the present threats and experience entirely. To conduct penetration testing corporate should consider the following problems:

  • Net Safety
  • Operating System 
  • Third-Party Repairing
  • Database Safety
  • Electronic mail Spamming
  • Structure Controlling
  • Uniqueness Managing
  • Cryptography
  • Verification & Agreement
  • Validation of Input
  • Corporate business lucidity
  • Blunder Management
  • Assembling of session controlling
  • Customer-side Security

4. Automated vs. Manual

Automated penetration testing is a good idea if you want to reduce costs. However, it will never be able to replace manual security testing. In this case, testing engineers don’t use test scripts. Instead, they conduct the tests step by step. In automated testing, tests are executed automatically via test automation frameworks.

5. Quality

An organization must conduct penetration testing by a cybersecurity company that is well maintained and has qualified teams. Indeed it would charge more. So, an organization should take special care of this factor while estimating penetration testing costs.

6. Reporting

As the last step, every company must need the penetration testing report that shows the test has been done. IT companies must provide an accurate value assessment, easy-to-understand findings after testing, authentically documented with diverse phases screenshots, and detailed illustrations about the effect of potential threats.

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