Logitech builds Android-powered Steam Deck clone for portable cloud gaming

portable cloud gaming
portable cloud gaming

Is your local Wi-Fi network prepared to support a portable cloud gaming device?

Logitech is entering the portable game console market, using cloud gaming as the major platform. The “Logitech G CLOUD Gaming Handheld” is a Steam Deck/Nintendo Switch-style handheld that runs Android, has a complete array of controller buttons, and is designed to carry your cloud gaming library with you wherever you go.

It’s enough for certain local games, but they will be Android games, and those are not the device’s primary emphasis. A D-pad, two joysticks, ABXY face buttons, four shoulder buttons (two analogue), and four system buttons for items like “Home” and “Menu” round out the button configuration.

According to Logitech’s FAQ, video out is not supported, hence no Switch-style TV connections.

Logitech’s portable, unlike the Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck, lacks a fan. There are no satisfactory answers to the question of Internet connection for a portable cloud gaming device.

Cellular would increase the gadget’s cost, both upfront and on a monthly basis, but not having it means that your “portable” cloud gaming device would only operate if you can locate a friendly, high-quality Wi-Fi hotspot.

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