How To Choose A Better Cryptocurrency Exchange?


Choosing the best cryptocurrency exchange can unlock the myriad benefits of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins and Altcoins. Many traders and investors fear investing because of the unpredictable rates and subsequent benefits of cryptocurrency.

You may find it problematic which exchange to choose for the cryptocurrency and how to gain maximum perks. But your scary thoughts about the exchange of cryptocurrency will end here in this article.  

In this article, we will shed light on:

  • Overview of cryptocurrency exchange,
  • Factors to consider while selecting a Cryptocurrency Exchange,
  • And the Conclusion.

What Is A Cryptocurrency Exchange?

As the name indicated, a cryptocurrency exchange is where you can swap one cryptocurrency with another. You can change your local currency into Bitcoin or Ethereum

The perks of a crypto exchange platform are your facilitation to trade in cryptocurrency in the global financial market and opening the doors of international trade for you.

As an investor or trader, knowing the features of each cryptocurrency exchange platform will help you to pick the right platform for your business.

Things to look for when choosing a Cryptocurrency Exchange 

Digital assets can become a tiresome problem for you if you lack the knowledge to understand them. We have a solution for you. 

Coingate is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that you can use to buy various cryptocurrency and other crypto-related services, including gift cards by exchanging your local currency.

If you have decided to buy a cryptocurrency for investment and making digital assets, you should remember that you can’t buy them from local banks or investing firms. Only an account in an authentic crypto exchange platform can let you enter the crypto world.

With that said, specific parameters that you need to know before selecting any of these platforms can ease the process. Following are the essential points that will help you to choose a better cryptocurrency exchange platform. 

Authenticity and Security

Before selecting any platform, ensure the cryptocurrency exchange is secure and authentic. Check its reputation, its reviews, and the security protocols. The reason is that the widespread use of cryptocurrency gives the fraudsters a free hand to steal the investors’ hard-earned money.

Some hackers can wipe out all assets. But you don’t need to worry. Owing to the increased threat to the security of digital assets, the cryptocurrency platforms like  

So, if someone steals your assets up to that amount, Coinbase will return them. Similarly, Kraken has added security practices to protect digital cryptocurrencies from hackers.

Under intense scrutiny, cryptocurrency exchange platforms are becoming famous. But not all platforms are secure and authentic. That’s why looking closely at the time of an investment will help you to protect your assets.

Fee structure

The transaction fee is another vital feature to consider. The fee structure can be a fixed or fluctuating one, based on the volatility of the prices in the market. Then the fee may vary based on whether you are a seller or a buyer. Make sure whichever exchange you choose has an open fee structure with crystal clear instructions.

But what to do if an exchange is charging an exorbitant fee on a transaction? You need to consider one main point here; this can offer you high-security protection that can be a better trade-off. 

So, you should not turn away from an exchange based on a fee. Try to look at the benefits and other features which may help you in the long run.

Method of Purchase

Method of purchase is a gateway to enter the digital financial world. You need to select the exchange with the most suitable and accessible purchase method. 

Some crypto exchange platforms will accept PayPal, while others may allow credit or debit cards or direct local bank transactions. It is essential to know which one of them is most appropriate for you. 

Having an accessible method of purchase will make it a simple task to enter the cryptocurrency world.

If you are a starter, try to select a platform that accepts the local fiat currency to enter the digital investment effortlessly.

Offered Coins

Thousands of crypto coins are coming into the online market with the digital financial market and trade communities. Almost all cryptocurrency exchanges accept Bitcoins and Ethereum. But there exist multitudes of others. 

That’s why you need to check which platform is offering which coins so you can avoid the hasty situation afterward. 

Binance is the most diverse platform in terms of coins. Many investors select this platform because of the diversity of the coins offered.


There are many things at play when a trader selects a cryptocurrency exchange. If you choose an exchange with high liquidity, which means a high volume of trade activity, then you will get tremendous profit. 

Cryptocurrency moves quickly, so a platform with low trade activity will offer you lower rates for selling cryptocurrencies than the exchange with a high volume of trade activity.

Also, a platform with low trade activity may cost you extra money when you buy crypto there than their counterpart. Similarly, the selling price will be lower, and you will end up with a significant loss. 

That’s why, before selecting any cryptocurrency exchange, check the trade volume and liquidity assets of that exchange.


The widespread use of cryptocurrencies may pose a threat to their security, but the additional security protocols and added safety networks have increased the trust in them around the globe. So, select any exchange based on the above features that suit you the most.

Apart from them, you should look for customer support, Mobile app features, and tax information of that exchange because a cryptocurrency exchange will be the foundation for your future investment and business. That’s why devoting enough time to understanding it will serve you in the long run.


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