Here Are 5 Canadian Video Games to Watch in 2023

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Canada has become a hub of video game innovation in recent years, with studios developing cutting-edge titles to satisfy gamers on all platforms. In 2023 the nation looks set to establish itself as an even bigger player in gaming culture by giving us five exceptional new releases worth your attention. From strategy games and fast shooters to role-playing adventures, here are our five picks for Canadian games that everyone should look out for this year!

Why Canadian Video Games and Not Others?

Canada has become renowned for its inventive approach to game development. Noted studios such as Ubisoft Montreal, EA Canada and CAPY Games draw in talent worldwide to create titles that push boundaries with their innovative graphics and exciting gameplay mechanics. Creativity and ambition are two keywords often associated with Canadian video games – allowing them to stand out among other releases this year.

While more significant budget titles usually get the most press, Canadian developers have a special knack for going beyond gaming conventions and championing unconventional ideas often overlooked by other studios. It’s this love for experimentation and exploration that has given the nation its own unique gaming identity.

Of course, the casino gaming market is no exception. From sleek table titles to leading slot sites, Canadian gamers have access to a number of platforms and developers that constantly innovate with their styles and range of games on offer. Gamblers can explore online gambling Canada titles with confidence in the knowledge that they’re getting a quality experience – no matter what style or genre.

Top 5 Canadian Video Games

The gaming landscape evolves, and Canada’a visionaries are staying ahead of the curve with their titles and breaking new ground in entertainment. The five games below show a shift in the industry. 

Goodbye Volcano High

Goodbye Volcano High, developed by KO_OP, is a narrative-driven adventure crafted in the traditional “animation meets gaming” style. By combining the aesthetics of classic cartoons with an interactive storyline based on relationships and secrets, it explores familiar territory from a unique perspective.

Players take the role of a student on the last day at their school and must make crucial life decisions. Set in a colourful and vivid world, Goodbye Volcano High offers an interactive experience that delights with its exceptional visuals.

Minecraft Legends

This series has been making waves in the video gaming industry ever since its release, and this year, they’re taking it to the next level. Developed in cooperation with Microsoft, Minecraft Legends seeks to get more serious players into the game by introducing PvP and PvE gameplay modes. 

In addition, Mojang is bringing back some classic elements with environments from previous titles in the series. Minecraft Legends is set to be an icy, action-oriented adventure game perfect for those who want to challenge themselves as they explore a vivid world.


Nightingale combines storytelling and action-adventure uniquely and takes you through a dreamy Victorian-inspired world filled with beasts and magical elements. You can even participate in co-op gameplay for more intense battles against hordes of enemies, adding an exciting shared experience to the mix.

The release is scheduled for later this year and promises to bring the intensity of action gameplay with beautiful visual design.

Dead Space

Developed by EA Canada, Dead Space is a horror-themed shooter set in space. The immersive experience puts you directly into the terror as you battle Necromorphs while managing resources to survive their brutal onslaught. It’s one of the most acclaimed EA titles on any system and shows Canadians doing their best: combining innovation with intense action for an unforgettable video game experience!

The previous games in the series have been praised for their atmosphere, difficulty level and narrative. But we’re expecting even greater things from this instalment – as it introduces cutting-edge graphics that take 3D gaming to another level!

Sea of Stars

Sea of Stars is developed by Sabotage Studio; it is a prequel to their acclaimed 2018 action-platformer, The Messenger. This upcoming RPG takes players on a heartfelt and entertaining journey through an all-new world of colourful characters, narrative encounters, breathtaking environments, and thrilling gameplay.

It features new music from Chrono Trigger composer Yasunori Mitsuda and a teamwork-oriented combat system inspired by Square’s classic RPG. Even though its exact release date has yet to be confirmed, Sea of Stars looks set to keep Sabotage Studio at the forefront of Canadian game development this year.


Of course, plenty of other video games are coming out this year, but these five Canadian titles show a unique blend of ambition and skill. These studios are opening new pathways by completely reinventing genres while honouring their inspirations and pushing the boundaries of what gaming can do. Whether you’re a shooter fan or an RPG aficionado, Canadian developers create experiences everyone needs to check out this year.

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