Blockchain Technology to Disrupt the Internet Of Things

We are All Connected Now - How IoT is Changing Our Lives

There has been a rumour in the blockchain world that it has a severe capability of disrupting the internet of things. However, there is no point in paying heed to all these speculations as Blockchain Technology is nothing but helpful to the global internet of things market. It has been estimated that more than three trillion dollars in business value will be added to the IoT market by implementing blockchain technology in the next ten years. 

Blockchain-based Solutions to Improve IoT

Pertinent data has been found to back the claims that blockchain-based solutions for the internet of things will simplify the workings of most businesses and help them connect to their customers in a much better way. This solution will also significantly decrease the cost of running businesses, and small businesses will not have to struggle so much when starting. 

Tightening of Security and Building of a more promising Future

The problem with IoT is that its success depends upon how well it can connect places, products, and physical items with chips or sensors which can transmit data to the network. The more significant connection it can build in this world, the more successful we can call it. 

However, this means that at the same time, this is working to its disadvantage as its ecosystem is then vulnerable to a more significant amount of risks. As more devices are connected to the IoT ecosystem, and more data is transmitted, hackers gain more attention as the entry points for breaching the security increase simultaneously. 

This is the primary place where blockchain Technology can truly help IoT. This is why many are hailing blockchain Technology as the leading solution to push towards a world that can better understand and implement IoT. 

Top ways Blockchain provides a Helping Hand to IoT.

Now that you can understand that blockchain technology can solve IoT’s significant hindrance to reaching its full capability let us check out the different ways it can be implemented in reality. 

First and foremost, the tamper-proof ledger that blockchain will bring to the table is extremely important to solve security issues faced by the internet of things ecosystem. Furthermore, the ledger will remove any e issues of trust that generate into the hearts of different parties dealing with any organization. 

It does not matter how much data is generated by the devices part of the IoT ecosystem. Every single transaction will be there in the ledger for all to access, and no one company or organization will be able to wield complete control. 

Secondly, the level of encryption that blockchain Technology will provide to store the data created by IoT is a whole different level. The vulnerability faced by IoT devices can be added as another layer of security, which will act as a deterrent towards hackers.

Cyber hacks generally happen when there is a hole in the defence system that unscrupulous individuals can exploit. The added layer of security will make it difficult for them to breach through all the layers to steal the data. Thus, it will not be worth the hassle, and honestly, it often leads to no result as every transaction is still recorded in the blockchain tech. 

Thirdly, the transparency that blockchain Technology brings is also vital. Any data access by unauthorized individuals can be quickly understood by those with authority to access the network. Quick actions can be taken to stop these data leaks if ever such an unfortunate event comes. 

These are just some of the most critical ways that blockchain technology will help IoT ecosystems flourish. 


Blockchain technology is also in its nascent years, and who knows how it can provide a more excellent solution in the next decade. From tightening security to solving scalability issues, blockchain technology has a lot of power to help most industries in the world. You, too, can enjoy the benefits of blockchain technology in your own life by trading cryptocurrencies. Just go on to an official website like and see if you can crack the code of becoming a successful cryptocurrency trader.

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