Biggest Tech Trends for the upcoming decade

Biggest Tech Trends for the Upcoming Decade


Technology has always been the most significant driver of change in all spheres of life at all times and it will continue to do so in the upcoming decade as well. As we enter the new decade, we realise that we are surrounded by innovations with great potential to transform almost everything.

Technology is becoming increasingly integrated with our lives and it has come to a point that it is difficult to imagine a life without technology around us. Let’s look at some of the biggest tech trends for the upcoming decade.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has taken the world by storm. All major tech companies are working on Artificial intelligence. From Amazon to Facebook, we see all companies making an effort to come up with the first fully operational AI assistant.

AI has vast applications; right from the field of education to healthcare and even in production, AI has the potential to reduce human intervention across all fields. By the end of the decade, it is quite a possibility that we may come across an AI so advanced that we might not be able to differentiate it from a real person, if we were talking with it over a call.

Internet of Things

Wearables are gaining traction and becoming famous. When IoT products were introduced, they were expensive and only the rich had access to technology. But now IoT products such as wearables are available at cheaper prices. They allow more comprehensive data gathering that attracts businesses that want to leverage this data to boost their business.

For example, in healthcare IoT products are assisting the health professionals by providing real time data and have started providing a way for better tracking of patients. IoT is being incorporated across a wide range of products ranging from a smartwatch to even shoes and other accessories.

Biggest Tech Trends for the upcoming decade


Ecommerce has been a big thing the past decade. And it continues to grow with so much untapped potential and market left to capture. The idea of e-commerce stems from providing the facilities for customers to purchase products from the comfort of their homes and being able to access a wider variety of products.

Most businesses have moved online and even brick and mortar stores continue to make an effort to adapt to the e-commerce revolution. While bigger retailers have started their own websites, smaller retailers are leveraging online business shop platforms such as Facebook shop to sell online.


Cryptocurrency gained popularity after the introduction of Bitcoin. It has already made people rich and it continues to be accepted across major economies in the world. Cryptocurrency provides a global method of payment while also ensuring a secure payment method by leveraging the concept of blockchain.

While some countries still struggle to accept cryptocurrency, many have started looking at the potential of cryptocurrency and it seems to be a growing trend. Countries that have started accepting cryptocurrency are even looking at ways to regulate it and to incorporate it as a standard method of payment. In the coming decade, Cryptocurrency can be a major trend to look out for.

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