The Best Ways to Follow Sport when you’re Away from your Kodi

best sports addons for kodi

When we’re at home, there are very few sports we can’t watch live on our Kodi. It seems if there’s someone pointing a camera somewhere in the world at a game, there’ll be somewhere you can stream it online.

What about those occasions when you’re not able to get comfy in front of the television? What do you do if your team has a vital game, but you’ve got a vital appointment you need to keep? Here are some ways you can still follow your team when you can’t be at home to watch them. 

Score update apps

These apps do exactly what they say they do. Let them know what your favourite team is in the settings, and they’ll send you a notification to your smartphone whenever they score. I

f you want fewer notifications interrupting your day, you can alter the settings so it just lets you know the final score of any game. If you’re desperate to know every piece of information about your team as soon as it breaks, you can configure the app so it gives you any news on injuries, signings and interviews before and after the game. 

Live betting apps

Even just a few years ago, if you wanted to bet on the outcome of a game you would have had to go to the bookmakers much earlier that day, fill in a little slip of paper and hand over your money. It was highly unlikely that any bookmaker would honour any odds given after the whistle or hooter had blown to start the game.

These days, the industry is completely different. Not only can you bet during a game, but many bookmakers will now offer you football live bets that change during the game. For example, if your team conceded a surprising goal early on in the game, their odds of winning the game will probably increase. That means if you bet on them during the game, you’ll get a bigger return than if you bet on them before the game. 

Even before the game, betting websites like these can give you a good idea of the form of any team. If they’ve had a bad run of games, a lot of problems with injuries or there’s even the possibility they might be tired from a busy schedule of games, it’s likely their odds will increase even if they’ve performed well for the rest of the season

Social media

If you’d rather not have a score update app taking up storage on your phone and eating up your data allowance for the month, there are other ways of checking on the score when you’re on the move. Nowadays it seems like every sports team has a hashtag that you can search for on Twitter. This will allow you to quickly search for score updates from each team, no matter what league they’re in.

Just be careful you’re searching for the right team. For example, you might think Scunthorpe United would use the abbreviation #sufc, but as Sheffield United, who are much higher up the league than them, use the same abbreviation, the team tends to use their nickname #iron instead. 

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