5 Best Programming Apps for College Students

5 Best Programming Apps for College Students

Everyone knows that programming is a complex course, and it takes a lot of practice to master concepts. Programming students spend a lot of time with their laptops, so you should probably have an optician prescribe for you reading glasses. Aside from that, you also need programming apps that help streamline your learning experience.

Thanks to technology and innovation, you no longer have to struggle with complex concepts. Programming apps ensure you have an easy time understanding your notes. As you join college, use your freshman years to get acquainted with all programming apps you’ll need throughout the school. 

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Enki is like an exercise application because it helps you level up your coding. As a programming student, you need tools that help you practice and polish your coding skills. Just like math, you have to code every day, or you’ll forget how to. 

All you’ll need to do is choose a coding language and practice it. This application is amazing because it allows you to write codes without having to power up your laptop. The more you code, the better you become at understanding concepts in class. You can easily read ahead of the teacher and learn how to write in a new language before the professor introduces it in class. 


This next application allows you to learn a new coding language on your own. It is one of the best coding applications because of the learning material it provides you with. This is a multi-language app with impressive language support. You can choose to learn JavaScript, C++, C, Python, Swift, PHP, Java, Ruby and so much more

The interesting feature about this app is gamification, which encourages you to use it often. The app developers understand how complex coding language can get; that is why they incorporated a gamification feature to encourage you to keep learning. The game feature keeps track of your achievement, and this is the kind of motivation you need to keep coding.

Codeacademy Go

As the name suggests, Codeacademy Go is like a programming academy you can access with your smartphone. This is a free application, which means you need not worry about in-app purchases. 

The application offers comprehensive learning material that gives you a better understanding of coding language.


Next on the list, we have Hopscotch, which is a must-have for all programming students. This is an advanced application that doesn’t focus on the fundamentals. Instead, it provides you with the material you need to develop games and applications. 

Using this application alongside the others helps you build a portfolio for yourself while you’re still in college. Remember, employers are always looking for candidates who are fast on their feet. It is iOS-compatible allows you to hit the ground running.


If you want to learn to code in CSS, HTML, Python, or JavaScript, this app is for you. This is a coding application for website development that’s compatible with Android and iOS mobile phones.

It comes with common symbols programmers commonly use in a shortcut bar. This makes your work much easier when practicing how to write code. Sometimes, searching for a symbol on your keyboard can be quite frustrating. 

Encode gives you all the tools you need to create a functional website. As a programming student, you need to be in a position to develop a website by the time you graduate. This way, you can earn money as a web creator as you apply for jobs. 


Programming is a complex course, but these applications make it a little easier. Each application discussed is designed to enhance your learning experience. Make sure you always practice the coding languages, so you don’t forget them. 

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