Best Laptops for College Students

Best Laptops for College Students

Laptops are must-have gadgets for collegians. However, there are numerous brands to pick from, which could be confusing, especially if you are not tech-savvy. Some key features to look for to get good machine for college include long battery life, fast performance, smooth operating system, and excellent durability. 

Laptops are quite pricey; thus, you should ensure you get value for your money by making the right purchase depending on your usage. Students make laptop purchases based on the course they are taking. For example, a film and animation student will need a laptop with strong video editing features, while those taking courses that involve scientific modeling opt for a laptop with distinct and powerful graphics features. Let’s review some of the laptops that are efficient for students.

Apple Macbook

Apple produces two major variants, the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, all suitable for students looking for top performance and long battery life. You don’t want a machine that would start acting up when you have an urgent essay to write, making you wonder, “Where can I get someone to do my essay cheap.” The cost of acquiring a Macbook could be hefty; however, the durability will save you money in the long run since you will not be making any repairs. 

Also, if you want a different laptop after you complete your study, you can always get a few bucks from it thanks to its high resale value. MacBook laptops are also light, meaning they are easy to carry around and allow you to work on your assignments on the go; they also have sleek designs, seeing as they are stylishly slim with an amazing color and display. 

The applications and ecosystem of a MacBook are favorable for students. Applications such as notes, calendars, and reminders are essential in helping you keep up with your schedules, while others such as FaceTime, Mail, and messages help you stay in contact with your colleagues and family. One outstanding feature of Apple products is that they work under the same ecosystem – you can start working on an assignment on your laptop and finish it on your iPad.  


Chromebook laptops are the budget-friendly options for Windows or MacBook laptops. A Chromebook is the best alternative for students looking for an affordable but functional machine. They use the ChromeOS operating system like Android phones, making it easy to use and understand. These laptops also require less hardware support. What’s more, Chromebook laptops are recognized for their fast performance; you can easily switch between applications and tabs when studying. 

The smooth operation matches that of the sleek smartphones out there. You can stream videos, create a log design, and even work on a Word document simultaneously without experiencing any lagging. Another outstanding feature that makes Chromebook laptops suitable for students is the built-in virus protection. These machines have internal malware and virus protection and an automatic security update compared to other laptops. It means you will not have to reinstall and update your antivirus. 

Chromebook laptops use the ChromeOS operating system, which is structured in a way that one cannot install any file that would damage the Chromebook. Any applications and files downloaded pass through Google Play’s protection system to guarantee safety. 

The major downside of these laptops is that they may not be effective in graphic design or video and audio editing since they do not have a wide range of multimedia editing options. Therefore, they aren’t the best purchase option if you are taking a graphics design course. 

Other features you are likely to enjoy with your Chromebook laptop include: 

  • Sleek design.
  • Long battery life.
  • Large storage. 
  • Affordability.
  • There is a wide range of applications to choose from since you will be downloading applications ns from Playstore.

Windows Laptops 

There are many laptop options in the market. You only have to decide which one fits your usage. Despite the fierce market competition, windows laptops remain a great choice for most students. Different laptop brands use the Windows OS, meaning you can choose from a vast selection. Whether you are looking for a laptop for your assignments or doing online stuff like evaluating writemyessays review and blogging, Windows has it all. 

Windows is popular compared to other operating systems, so you can easily find software for your machine. It is also compatible with several applications, games, and software designs, making it a suitable option for students regardless of their course, even the complex ones.

Moreover, components such as a taskbar, virtual desktop, and multi-window snapping make it possible to work on several tasks simultaneously, promoting productivity. The latest window versions also have the widgets feature, making finding files on their laptop easy. 

We cannot ignore the Microsoft Office suite, which contains Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. These applications are pre-installed in every Windows OS laptop. Students use these applications to work on their assignments, from essays to data analysis and creating slide presentations. 

Windows laptops are great for collegians since they have maintained their key features through the different laptop models and brands. Additionally, the makers have upgraded their efficiency by lowering the number of start-up processes, making starting your laptop much faster. Regardless of the advancements made by Windows, users can still access the old features they are used to. 

Final Thoughts   

Plenty of laptop brands in the market are categorized under different operating systems. Thus, to get a suitable laptop, you have to consider what you will use it for and determine whether the specs match the intended purpose. 

When choosing a laptop for your school work, consider the intensity of the assignments you will be working on and whether the laptop can handle such tasks. For instance, if you are taking a graphics design course, you should find a laptop with wide color coverage, a quality screen, preferably an OLED screen, and a long-life battery. Noteworthy, your laptop choice should not only focus on studies; look at the entertainment for when you need to catch up with your favorite shows, music, or gaming.  

Wali Khan
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