Top 3 Best Keylogger Apps for iOS/iPhone in 2020


The word, Keylogger is derived from two English words i.e. Key and Logger that means recorder, so we can say that keylogger is a kind of software or a certain hardware device that is accountable for recording the keystrokes that are being made on the keyboard, to later remember them in a file or send them through the internet. In simple words, we can say that a keylogger allows you to know each and everything that was and is being typed on the computer.

When we say each and everything then it means everything including your social media account passwords. There are many companies that offer their keylogger that can be used for Android as well as for iPhone but to go for the best one is a hell of a task in the world of competition.

As we all know everyone is trying to win the race of being the best one, but to come up to the level of the perfect one is really hard. Read this article to find out what you need to know about keyloggers.

Best Keylogger Apps for iOS/iPhone in 2020

Following are some of the top 3 keyloggers for iPhone:

1. Spyic

One of the ultimate choices we all have when it comes to the top keylogger is Spyic. It has an amazing keylogger that allows you to keep track of each and every stroke that is being made of the device. In case you are spying on someone’s device, then this keylogger will allow you to know about everything that was being typed on the targeted device.

It really sounds amazing as we all need to gain access to the targeted phone even at times we are not allowed to touch it physically, so here keylogger does all the hard work for you and sends you record of everything that was being written, sent and received through that spied device, so the tough work of gaining access to the device finishes.

spyic for ios1

Spyic has an amazing feature named ‘Password Cracker’. It is really a modified form of iPhone keylogging. This one is known as one of the best keylogger for iPhone that is been used by a huge population in various countries. By using it you can keep a record of all keystrokes that were made on the iPhone. It also permits you to see all passwords and pins being added to any site directly. This makes everything easier to deal with.

The main thing about the Spyic is that you do not have to buy the complete package rather you can buy specific features from them. In case you only need its keylogger then you can buy ‘Password Cracker’ as separate software. Don’t forget that it only works on jailbroken iPhones and does not provide distant installation. This means to say that you can think about utilizing Spyic only in case you are a pro at snooping and hacking.

spyic for ios2

How to Use Spyic’s Keylogger

  • Go for the official website of Spyic and get a free account. Here you’ll need your email ID as the username.
  • Now select the right Spyic monthly subscription. In case you need to utilize the iPhone keylogger on a distinct device, pick the Premium plan, but if you’re thinking about using the iPhone keylogger on more than one device, then select the Family plan. People who need it for their firm should go for Business.
  • Here setup commands will be sent to you through email, so just set the decided platform as iOS and add the iCloud details of the targeted iPhone, wait for the app so it could aid in sync with the device.  
  • In the end you will see that Spyic should now be ready to work. You can easily log into the Spyic control panel distantly by using your smartphone or PC. The dashboard gives you an overview of the iPhone activity. You will see many features related to the program to the left side.

2. Cocospy

Cocospy also has an incredible keylogger that is utilized for the iPhone. It is 100% secure and you can easily install Cocospy on any system. Cocospy is a great tool when it comes to privacy and reliability. You don’t have to be worried about being caught by the targeted device’s owner for spying. This tool works perfectly in the background and allows you to gain access to each and everything that was and is still being done on the device remotely.

You don’t have to gain access to the device physically and that’s the biggest perk keylogger provides you. For those with a tight budget and who wants/needs to save a few bucks then this is the best choice for you to pick. It is user-friendly, so in case you are a newbie and don’t know how to execute commands then nothing can be better for you more than Cocospy. Try this out or you can visit their official website to see a demo.

How to Use Cocospy’s Keylogger

  • As a first step to enter an accurate email address and pick a password.
  • Tap the option that says ‘Sign Up’ so you could get a Cocospy account and buy a premium subscription.
  • Here go and check Cocospy welcome email in your inbox and tap ‘Start Monitoring’ to add Cocospy control panel.
  • At this step name the targeted phone aptly and pick iOS in Mobile Device before you can configure the targeted phone.
  • Now add iCloud account details of the targeted phone and press the option that says ‘Verify’.
  • As second last step when the account has been confirmed, you will see that the data starts to sync up to your Cocospy dashboard.
  • At the end play check out to monitor all activities.

3. Spyier

The last one on our list is Spyier. It is utilized by many users as a Parental Control App for iPhone as well as iPad. This tool allows you to monitor almost each and every single activity on the targeted phone. Here you can keep track of calls, voice messages, SMS, trace locations, geo-fencing, see pictures, videos and a lot more. The best thing about its keylogger is that it offers you the capability to trace the phone’s surroundings and an improved iPhone keylogger. It also permits you to trace all keystrokes written on the target iOS.


You can trace all written keystrokes, SMS keystrokes and website URL keystrokes, email keystrokes without any effort. It also offers you the perk to monitor copied texts and words which are concealed as symbols too. This tool is 100% legal and safe so if you are having second thoughts about purchasing this tool then leave your worries behind because this is really good and reliable.


Without any doubt, we can say that keylogger is one of the easiest ways to track someone’s phone record without even gaining access to their phone physically. What else can be better than this as you remain behind the scenes and leave all forget all about your worries because now you have the best key-logger in hand?

We hope that this article would be helping you in choosing the best Keylogger in case you were already searching for one. Go for it and pick the best one as you can now keep an eye on your kids, partners, and workers and find out what they are doing behind your back. Go for the one that suits your requirements and leave the rest of the work on your chosen key-logger.

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