Best Casino Apps 2021

Best Live Apps for Android in 2021

More people in the United States can now play casino games online thanks to an uptick in technology and gambling legislation. As more states legalize online gambling, more people are trying out the systems. They find a world of convenience and a great entry point for newcomers that offer tempting welcome bonuses and affordable buy-ins. Sports betting is changed, too, by the accessibility provided by apps. 

Like many things in today’s world, apps give us a new way to experience casinos and gambling. They let us carry a nearly endless amount of games of chance on our phones, use different types of payment options, and get special bonuses we wouldn’t get from a Vegas venue. Yet also like the apps we can get for our phones, there are way too many casino apps. Too many to count, almost. So which apps are the best? Let’s take a look at the big names in online casino apps and find out. 


We’ll’ start with a name that you might not know but still offers a solid experience. Unibet has a slick visual design and easy-to-use menus, making it a great choice for the casual player. It also provides both casino and sports betting so you have all the options available to you. It’s’ biggest strength, however, is its’ plethora of blackjack options. If you’re’ big on table games, Unibet is for you. 


Sports is the name of the game with FanDuel. If you’re’ looking to bet on your favorite teams and significant sporting events, you want this app. FanDuel also has robust support for fantasy football, which makes it an excellent option for your office or neighborhood league. 


MGM has one of the biggest and most well-known casinos in Las Vegas, so it makes sense that it would also have one of the better online casino apps. MGM offers all the amenities you’d’ expect from a big-name betting service, including welcome packages for new sign-ups and a great selection of games. You’ll’ often find games that you wouldn’t’ be able to get in the actual casino. BetMGM, in particular, has a beautiful selection of online slot machines that offer a fun new take on the game. 


If you plan to play a lot and want a reward for your loyal patronage, then you’ll’ want to take a look at Borgata. Longtime users have reported great satisfaction with their promotions and the customer service of the online casino. When using the app, you’ll’ be able to cash in on promo codes that give you deposit matching, free money, and extra plays on certain games. While this service is limited to New Jersey and Pennsylvania residents, it’s very worth it. 


When it’s’ all too much for you, try something more simple. 888 Casino app is all about slots. It has hundreds of different slots games with fun animations and fast loading times. For those who don’t’ want to get bogged down by too many games or money management, 888 is here for you. 


This is the choice for those who prefer live games. They offer many table games with live dealers that you have access to as long as you have a decent internet connection. It also has over 300 games in general, giving you the usual selection of slots and other automated games. Finally, it rounds it all out with an excellent VIP package that users find rewarding. 


Some call this the very best casino app, and with good reason. This one has it all: live dealer games, a vast selection of casino games, horse race betting, and extras. It also has excellent tech behind it that makes for frequent updates and outstanding quality of life. 

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