10 Benefits of Wireless Car Charger

wireless car charger

The wireless charger shares a strong relationship with the mobile industry. Nowadays, almost all high standard mobile phones are supported by wireless technology. This advancement is also popular with a name called ‘Magnetic Induction’, which has the power to charge the iPhone as well as Android phones. 

 Benefits of Wireless Car Charger

The wireless car charger is here! What is good about wireless charging?

Here we dig into the top benefits of a wireless charger.

  • Liberty from wires or cables: Are you frustrated with cables? Give a push to phone battery whenever it requires and this can happen in practical life with wireless charging.
  • No over-heating problem: A wireless charger is automatically turned off when a phone battery gets charged up. Therefore, the over-heating problem will not exist.
  • High durability: Wear and tear of handset and charger will be avoided with wireless charging because plugging and unplugging is no more alive in wireless concept. As a result, you can enjoy the high durability of both devices.
  • In-built charging mat: Interestingly, the newly launched car models have an in-built charging mat. It is fixed in front of changing column. The in-built wireless phone charger facility is now available in all the luxurious cars such as Audi, BMW-7 series, Chevrolet and a couple of others.
  • Qi universal standard: The Qi-compatible charger is very flexible for all the smart devices. It is manufactured by ‘Wireless Power Consortium’. The most reliable trait of this advancement is it is undergone laboratory test to prove its charging efficiency. 
  • No exposure to moisture & oxygen: The wireless phone charger for car is an enclosed electronic device and restricts the water and air to affect it anyways. 
  • Charging capability: A phone can recharge its battery by using a wireless charger at 7.5W, 9W or even 15W. Overall 5W charger takes 4 hours to charge a phone battery, whereas wired takes 2.5 hours. In short, there is no much difference in charging capability of wired and wireless chargers.
  • Reliable for multiple devices: As we all get puzzled on which cable will suit to your phone set to make it charged but this complication can be resolved by wireless charging because all the devices get charged with it. Consequently, no stress of carrying the cable with you when you are out for vacations.
  • Convenient: A convenient device has a special place in the market. We hang around only when we have a wireless charger in our pocket and whenever we feel phone battery is going to die, we pull it out and connect with phone battery.  
  • Automatic lock system: There is a problem of holding a phone when it stays in touch with charger and this is mainly measured in a wired charger. The wireless charger is all set to hold your phone and automatically locked in mold arms. Another feature is it can easily release your Smartphone by pressing sensors on both sides.

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