Apple Pay is probably coming to Chrome on iOS soon

Apple Pay
Apple Pay for chrome browser

Apple Pay is a convenient way to pay for products and services using your phone, but it won’t function for in-browser transactions if you’re using a browser other than Safari.

It’s also accessible on Firefox, according to this Reddit thread.

This is only true for iOS; Moser discovered that Apple Pay does not function on the desktop in Edge or Chrome, most likely because the desktop browsers use their own web rendering engines, but the iOS versions utilize Safari’s render engine.

When gatekeepers manage and enforce browser engines, they have the ability to set the functionality and standards that will apply not just to their own web browsers, but also to rival web browsers, and therefore to web software applications,” according to the paper.

The functionality is already available in the most recent iOS beta.

The advantages are obvious to end users: Apple Pay will function regardless of the mobile browser used.

The presence of the feature in a developer beta does not necessarily imply that it will (immediately) find its way to the final version of iOS, but it is a solid sign that it will be available shortly.

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