How to Track Children’s Android Phone Remotely (100% Works)

How to Monitor Your Child’s Cell Phone without Touching It

Raising kids in this day and age is tough. Especially if they are teenagers and have to deal with peer pressure, adolescents, studies, and bullying. Not to mention, the desire to keep up with social media appearances.

Odds are your kid’s own and use a smartphone as well. However, some children use their phones to access inappropriate content, making them vulnerable to online attacks. 

To protect kids from this menace, as a parent, you can use a secure and trustworthy phone tracking app. It remotely tracks their Android phone real-time physical location and movements, plus online activities.

How? You may ask! If you’ve been searching for an answer to the same question, this article outlines all the details.  

Part 1: How to Track Children’s Android Phone Remotely (100% Works) 

Before we start, let me be honest with you. The web is quite packed with various tracking tools, but not all of them work 100%. You need a convenient tracking app that silently monitors your children’s Android phone. Plus, they will never suspect of being monitored.

While many apps offer only phone tracking services, no app is feature-rich like TeenSafe. It’s recommended by most parents around the globe.

TeenSafe- Top-rated Android Phone Children’s Tracking Solution 

TeenSafe is an excellent Android monitoring app perfect for parents who want to keep tabs on their kids. It remotely tracks their Android phone real-time physical location, movements, online activities, and much more.

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Since its launch, TeenSafe has gained recognition for itself, thanks to its reliability, interactive UI, ease-of-use, performance, etc. Millions of users in more than 190 countries approve their capabilities. Big outlets like TechRadar, Android Authority, and Forbes applaud it as the #1 phone tracking app.

The best part about TeenSafe is that you don’t need to root your child’s Android phone for the app installation. You’re only required to create a free TeenSafe account and gain one-time brief access to the kid’s phone.

Installing the TeenSafe Android app is quite simple and takes less than 5 minutes. Once installed, the app icon can be hidden from the list of installed apps. Because of its cutting-edge technology, the app runs in the background offering 100% stealth mode operation.

In fact, it only occupies less than 3MB of storage and doesn’t consume any battery and resources. If you wish to uninstall the app in the future, do it remotely via the TeenSafe dashboard using any web browser.

You can track your kids easily without having to install any app on your phone or pc. This is where TeenSafe’s web interface comes as a relief. The web-based interface is intuitive, minimal, and you won’t need any tech knowledge to operate. Plus, it opens from any web browser.

You can rest assured that none of your kid’s personal data will ever get leaked or stolen. TeenSafe lets you track all data on your child’s phone, but the app itself cannot store/access any of the data being monitored. It’s completely safe and malware-free.

So, to track your child remotely, use the best Android phone tracker like TeenSafe monitoring solution.

Part 2: How to secretly Track Children Android Phone Using TeenSafe

Tracking your kid’s Android phone is easy, just follow these simple steps. All you need is physical access to kid’s phone, a valid email ID, phone/PC, and reliable internet connection.

Steps to Use TeenSafe

Step 1: Create a TeenSafe account using your email address and password. Get a subscription plan for Android phones.

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Step 2: You’ll be directed to a setup wizard then follow the instructions on the screen. Name the target’s phone and choose the OS as Android. 

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Step 3: Access the kid’s phone and open the link sent on the web browser to download the TeenSafe app. Once the app is installed, activate stealth mode and wait for TeenSafe to sync with the device.

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Step 4: Congratulations, now you can log into your TeenSafe dashboard where all features are present. Click on any feature on the left to monitor your kid’s phone activity.

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How to Track Children Android Phone Location

Location Tracker 

If you think your children are skipping school, simply click the location tab on the dashboard’s left side. You’ll view their live and recent locations along with the timestamps. 

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Geofencing features help you to establish a geographical boundary for your kids. If they try to leave beyond that with their phone, you’ll immediately receive an alert.

Part 3: What else Can TeenSafe Track? 

Call and SMS Tracker

Track all of your kid’s call logs to monitor who they are talking to, at what time and for how long. Using an SMS tracker, you’ll get to see all the incoming and outgoing text messages along with their timestamps.

Social Media Monitoring

You can track your children’s online footprint, including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc. You can read all the messages shared in private/public and even the deleted ones.

Track Website History

The website tracker allows you to monitor what kind of content your kids are browsing. You can decide to block harmful content such as pornography, violence, and religion in order to protect your kids. 

Part 4: Why TeenSafe is The Ninja of Android Phone Tracking

If you want to explore more features, go ahead, and try our free demo. However, let’s look at what makes TeenSafe so cool:

No Rooting: TeenSafe advanced technology allows it to function without rooting the device. It values your security and data, meaning the integrity of the phone remains intact. 

Web-based Interface:  You can remotely track your kids’ phones through any web browser, even if it’s the opposite corner of the world. 

Quick Setup: You don’t need any technical skills to install TeenSafe. Within 5 minutes, you can start monitoring.

Stealth Mode: TeenSafe app is small, lightweight, and runs in the background. Your kids will never find out that you’re tracking their device.

Convenient Pricing: TeenSafe pricing model is affordable and convenient. You can choose a suitable plan that offers multiple features at a very cheap price.

User Support: Unlike most tracking apps, TeenSafe is all about its users. There is a team of customer care working 24/7 to provide you with solutions to any issues.


Do you have children who are out too often? Then, track them down using TeenSafe’s location tracker and geofencing feature. Do they spend most of their time on social media? Don’t worry, you can monitor the messages they receive and send. TeenSafe remotely works 100%.


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