MLBB Creator Camp – How to Join and Win Rewards as Creator

Mobile Legends Creator Camp
  • Mobile Legends Creator Camp is developed for the content creators of MLBB so that they can produce catchy content on MLBB. 
  • The Mobile Legends Creator Camp is supported by the official MLBB forums, where they encourage the content creators by giving them full credit, rewards, and much more. 
  • If you want to be a creator of MLBB Camp, then here is the detailed guide about it and also the joining process of MLBB Legends creator camp.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang or MLBB is not just the community of gamers, but it is something far from that. MLBB is a platform for gamers, streamers, tutorial masters, and other valuable resources. Now, members can join the MLBB creator camp for producing high-quality content.

So, if you are interested in creating content about Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, join it for video tutorials and live streaming. You can join the Mobile legends Creator Camp (https://creatorcamp.mobilelegends.com/home)for memes, cosplay, arts, comics, and other creative work. So, here you will learn how to join the MLBB creator camp, and you will also learn everything you need to know about it.

How to Join Mobile Legends Creator Camp

Besides learning elements, you can also earn some rewards and perks in the creator camp of MLBB. After creating and publishing the creative content, you can win advanced server permission, diamonds, limited skins, borders, and other MLBB perks.

If you produce high-quality and catchy content, you will also get featured on the official social channels of MLBB and the Mobile Legends Creator Camp Discover server page. If you perform extraordinarily, you can also earn some money in a diamond salary and varified creator certification.

Are you interested in joining the MLBB creator camp? Here you go. You need to fulfill three elements before you enter the platform. First of all, you should be the MLBB gamer. You should have an appealing channel where you have posted MLBB content on any social media platform, i.e., Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tiktok, etc.

You must have shared quality content creations with other gamers. If you fulfill these requirements, click on the link to join the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Creator Camp.

Click here to join MLBB Creator Camp

MLBB Content Creator Academy

After joining the platform, if you don’t know how to create content, don’t worry; we have a solution. You can join the Creator academy, where you will find video tutorials and streaming from which you can learn content creation tips. You can learn from the experts about content creation in the Creator Academy, such as video editing, making logos, making thumbnails, and other valuable things to become a pro content creator on the MLBB creator camp.

Mobile Legends Creator Camp

Benefits of Content Creation – Win Rewards and Perks at MLBB Creator Camp.

Content publishing is weekly. Each week, you will get a new task, and you have to create content for that. After making the content, it will be reviewed by a reviewer team. To ensure good content, you must look at the styling, creativity, and choice of the audience.

Mobile Legends Creator Camp

MLBB Content Creator Camp Categories

There are different categories for the rewards. These are given as follows;

Top work – If your content meets Top work category guidelines, you will get 500 Diamonds as an award.

Excellent work – If the content work meets Excellent work, the creator will get 150 Diamonds as a reward from the MLBB.

Others – Also, a new creator gets 50 Diamonds extra after submitting the first work. If the creator produces some creative work and ranks in the top 100 creators, they also get 50 Diamonds as top rankers reward.

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