5 Best Online Ways to Find Out If Someone is in Jail

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We sometimes meet people who come in contact with people we don’t have enough history with. We meet them directly or indirectly. Sometimes we even see our loved ones engaging and communicating with people we find of questionable character. 

At such times, you are trapped in a Catch 22 situation. You cannot confront your loved ones of the choices they are making for lack of evident proof of whom they are interacting with. You can’t make claims until and unless you have evident proof that the person indeed is of a questionable character. 

If a person has served jail time or has a criminal record in their past, such information is very well reflected upon certain documents of the State. Can you check this information online? Can you know if someone has been to jail? Yes.

The following awesome platforms can be your own shortcuts of knowing if someone is or has been in jail:


The fact that you can check if someone is in jail with CocoFinder within minutes, makes this platform a very promising one. You do not have to go too far and wide for this data retrieval. All you need to do is to head to this platform and extract the data that you require. 

A lot of jails and prisons are going virtual with their datas and records. Missing people information or information of arrested people is often out on online displays meant for their own record purposes. You can use CocoFinder under the following circumstances:

Find Missing Friend or Family Member

You can look up for your missing friend or family member on CocoFinder. The web based platform offers a holistic search on someone’s identity, current state of affairs, etc. So, if you do not know where your friend is or is missing, you can run a search on CocoFinder.

5 Best Online Ways to Find Out If Someone is in Jail

By doing the above, you get immediate results. The results are instant and so is the information that you have been looking for. Should your family member or friend’s missing or arrested details be out on a police department’s online forum, the detail can be ascertained from the verified data that CocoFinder offers.

Additional Features

Running a search for someone is very simple on CocoFinder. It asks for least information and maximum results. You can run search on someone with whatever information you can gather about them. Even if you just know the name and last name of the person, CocoFinder can help you out with great results.

The more information you have at hand, the better it is. If you have information about the State or the place, that can be provided on CocoFinder as well. If you have the person’s phone number, that can also bring out the best results. 

Reliable Background Information

CocoFinder’s information sources are truly verified and reliable. They are not something that you can’t trust. Instead, you can’t trust people, but you can trust the results that are reflected and revealed on CocoFinder.

The background information out on display can range from one’s social information to their social media platform. You can attain all the juicy data that you intend to know about someone.

Reliable Source

Non reliable information or source can really jeopardize even your reputation as a user of an unreliable source. So, with things as peculiar and important as running a background check on someone, checking if someone has or is in jail, you need to be sure of the platform. 

CocoFinder provides that level of security and security of database that is hard to attain on other platforms providing the option of data checking. The reliability of this source has been vouched by users around the world.

Instant Retrieval of Data

Most data retrieval sources take eons to generate the desired results. But, CocoFinder is quick to go through its vast database and reflect and provide relevant data. It has the trustworthiness that is expected out of such platforms. 


ZabaSearch is also a decent platform that works in an online fashion. It also has a lot of public databases that can be surfed through to provide the required information. However, it has a history of being too stuck up and sometimes not providing the success rate that is expected out of it. 

Regardless, it has a simple interface that is easy to use even with first time background checkers. 


TruePeopleSearch is a good and decent platform for attaining someone’s history with jails. While it might not be as accurate and intricate in its data retrieval as CocoFinder, it does provide good enough data retrieval services. 

It sure has a lot of ads that keep interfering and interrupting the journey of fact finding about someone. 


SpyDialer is also a good platform to check upon the criminal history of someone. Though, the kind of success rate that is guaranteed with CocoFinder, is not with SpyDialer. It also has a lot of ad culture that causes unwanted interference in data search. 


You can check people with CheckPeople. Though it has emerged as a good check upon people online, it has its own set of challenges. The web platform is known to be using platforms that are not verified.

Gathering information from non verified sources can bring shady and untrue results. It becomes peculiar when you are checking upon someone’s jail time information without 100% corroborative proof. Therefore, it does have performance bottlenecks that need to be kept in mind.


You can use any of the above platforms but when you check if someone is in jail with CocoFinder, the results are accurate and authentic. You will not feel the need to counter check or be corroborated on the data.

Therefore, when it comes to reliance on information and checking of specific data, other sources are not even close to the kind of interface and services that CocoFinder provides. No doubt, it turns out to be the most suited platform.

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