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Why You Should Use a VPN While Streaming on Kodi

Why You Should Use a VPN While treaming on Kodi

Kodi, a streaming platform has countless capabilities and gives users access to a wide variety of content, especially with the different add-ons that can be used to extend its capabilities.

Because of the access to a variety of entertainment content from legal as well as illegal sources Kodi offers, the platform has become very popular with about 40 million persons using this platform every month. With the appropriate Kodi addons, users can download Netflix videos for example.

Although Kodi allows users to stream content from various sources, its use comes with several risks which users should make provisions against. These risks include man-in-the-middle attacks and general snooping making the adoption of precautionary measures such as the use of a VPN a necessity for Kodi streamers.

Also, the content available to Kodi streamers depends on their location, restricting access to certain content by Kodi streamers. To bypass this restriction, it is important to seek VPNs for Kodi recommended by experts.

In the rest in this article, we will be sharing in more details why Kodi streamers need a VPN.

To bypass geo-blocking

As highlighted above, all Kodi streamers do not have access to the same content. Although all Kodi streamers may have access to the same tools and methods for streaming content, they do not get to stream the same content because of geo-blocking of some content.

For example, let’s say, with the appropriate add-on, all Kodi streamers are able to stream Netflix videos. However, the Netflix videos that can be streamed by users in the US will differ from the Netflix content that can be streamed by users in another country, let’s say Germany.

VPN servers provide the outlet through which Kodi users can alter their location and access content restricted by their location thus bypassing the geoblocking of content. VPN providers thus have a range of servers from which users can make a choice.

The best VPN for Kodi streamers should have severs across several locations giving users ample options. Because of the private route that will be provided by the servers, Kodi streamers can switch to their preferred location as necessary. When a Kodi streamer accesses content from a VPN server in a specific location, it is assumed that they are currently in that location and that way they bypass geographical restriction on the streaming platforms.

Kodi users can also maximize the slight time difference between a region with a VPN and stream content first. The excitement accompanied by the release of certain content necessitate the use of a VPN to stream such content as soon as they are released in another region.  

To prevent ISP throttling

One of the major selling points of VPNs is the privacy of online activities which comes with the use of a VPN. Because of the private connection route, third parties, from hackers to ISPs cannot access the traffic from a Kodi VPN user.

In respect to keeping ISPs from prying into a Kodi user’s online activity, with a VPN, a higher speed of connection is guaranteed because the user’s ISP cannot spy on their activities and throttle the connection to reduce the bandwidth connection.

Thus, to enjoy high streaming speed, a Kodi streamer needs to find the best VPN for Kodi which is most likely a VPN that keeps its user’s activity completely private. Such a VPN provider should also not maintain logs of users’ activities.

In respect to privacy and security from hackers, a VPN keeps a Kodi user’s activity encrypted ensuring that it is worthless to hackers. A hacker’s main goal is to intercept communications, and this is impossible with a VPN since the data is encrypted by the private route which it passes.

Seeing that Kodi users typically need to enter personal information and passwords to install add-ons and carry out other activities, a VPN is a necessity to ensure that a hacker cannot intercept such personal information.

Hackers also regard platforms such as Kodi as good sources of victims because of the popularity and the vulnerability of users to security threats because of the numerous add-on they tend to install to extend the capabilities of the platform.

To enjoy anonymity

In a world where hackers are continuously seeking means of exploiting the most minimal flaw on internet-based platforms, it is important for users of platforms such as Kodi to adopt measures of staying anonymous.

On platforms such as Kodi, a user’s IP address and other more sensitive information can be gotten by hackers with the right motivation and tools; hence the importance of staying anonymous.

A VPN offers anonymity since it provides an anonymous server with which a user can access Kodi and other platforms.

The use of a VPN for Kodi streamers is a necessity as established by the reasons we have established above.


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